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Our buy policy is fairly simple. If we have under two playsets (8 copies) in stock of a playable Standard-legal regular set non-foil card, we are interested in obtaining enough to bring us up to two playsets. For foil cards valued over $0.75, two copies is our threshold. For sets out of standard we generally only look to keep 1 playset in stock for playable non-foils.

For store credit, we offer 1.1x what we would offer for cash.

To sell us cards, just create a "reverse shopping cart" here in buy mode, and submit the proposed order to us. We will review the offer, making price adjustments as needed if our price was out-of-date, let you know which card(s) we would like to purchase from you, and ask you to send them in (or bring them to one of the events we run if you are local).

Once the cards are received, we will grade them, make adjustments as needed, and then either send you payment or apply store credit (whichever you opted for when you submitted the offer).

Bulk Buy Prices*

Any MTG common - $0.25 per 1000

Any MTG uncommon or non basic land - $0.50 per 1000

Any MTG rare or mythic (FOIL or NON-FOIL)- $0.10 each

Any FOIL MTG common, uncommon, promo or basic land - $0.03 each

 *Cards must be in NM condition. LP condition will result in a 20% reduction in price paid. MP and lower are not accepted.