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MTG Prerelease: Saturday 4:00 pm- Gaming event

In-Store Pickup Only
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  • Description
    Entry- $30.00+ tax
    Prizes- Pack per match win
    Play in all 5 events get $15.00 back in store credit
    Play in 4 events get $10.00 back in store credit


    What is the Format?

    The format for this event is Pre-Release Sealed.
    Every participating player receives a pre-release Kit. Inside each pre-release pack you will find:

    6 Booster packs
    1 Foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare
    1 MTG Arena code card
    1 Spin down life counter

    You will build a 40 card, minimum deck to compete. This is a continuous construction event so changes may be made to your deck between games and rounds.

    What is the Tournament Structure?

    Three 45 minute rounds of Swiss play

    40 minutes time allotment for deck construction.

    Note: You may purchase Planeswalker decks for Open Dueling!