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Drow of the Underdark

Drow of the Underdark

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  • Description

    They are the favorite foes of many a party of adventurers. In these pages, the drow come to life, their culture and powers detailed fully for the first time. This guide presents new rules galore: new spells, new magical items, insight into the mysteries of Lolth, Monstrous Compendium entries for related monsters of the Underdark - and much, much more.

    Learn all about the drow herein, from the words of the ancient elven sage Erlathan Greycloak:

    "Proud, graceful evil. Cruelty personified; talent wasted, beauty lost in darkness."
    to the lore of the great sage Elminster:

    "Did I ever tell thee how close I came to having a drow wife? No? Well, then..."

  • Details
    Author: Ed Greenwood
    Category: AD&D 2
    ISBN 10: 1-56076-132-6
    ISBN 13: 978-1560761327
    Item Code: 9326
    Page Count: 128
    Publisher: TSR
    Release Date: 6/1/1991
    Rules: AD&D 2
    Series: FOR
    Series No: 2
    Setting: Forgotten Realms