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Warriors of Heaven

Warriors of Heaven

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  • Description

    This book shed new light on the powerful and majestic celestials, guardians of the Upper Planes and empyreal enemies of evil. Players can design their own celestial characters and take the fight to those denizens of darkness, the fiends!

    This accessory includes:
    Celestial Races. All of the information you need to design and play celestial characters: aasimon, aasmiar, archons, asuras, eladrins, and guardinals.

    Celestial Beings and Places. Detailed information on various key players and sites throughout the Upper Planes.

    Celestial Magic. New spells and magical items for celestial characters.
    Celestial Campaign Tips. Techniques for running campaigns with celestial characters on the Upper Planes and the Prime Material Plane.

  • Details
    Category: AD&D 2
    Item Code: 11361
    Page Count: 96
    Publisher: TSR
    Release Date: 9/1/1999
    Rules: AD&D 2
    Setting: NA