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Wonders of Lankhmar

Wonders of Lankhmar

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  • Description

    Wonders of Lankhmar is the latest entry in the AD&D game setting of Lankhmar, the city of Nehwon made famous as the haunt of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser in the tales woven by Fritz Leiber. Within these pages are dozens of short adventures perfect for an afternoon's or evening's enjoyment. Your characters may be hired to protect the Overlord from assassination. They might choose to take positions as caravan guards on a dangerous passage through a crocodile-infested swamp. Or, perhaps they'd prefer a quiet night on the town. (They might well prefer it; the question is, can they find it?)

    The City of Thieves is filled with possibilities: adventure, treachery, deceit, death. Are your characters up to the challenge? Are they prepared for the wonders of Lankhmar?

  • Details
    Category: AD&D 2
    Format: book
    Item Code: 9295
    Page Count: 96
    Publisher: TSR
    Release Date: 8/1/1990
    Rules: AD&D 2
    Series: LNR
    Series No: 1
    Setting: Lankhmar